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A Reflex 80's party is truly a unique experience. It's a fun blasting trip back to the great tunes of the 80's together with lots of party props and unequalled vibe that attracts a wide age group bracket. To my opinion everyone should experience a Reflex Party at least once, I’m sure you'll be back.

Nikolai Micallef (Photographer)

Born in the 80s and always passionate about music, I remember the songs, bands and artists whilst I was growing up inspired me. Going to the Reflex Parties makes me reminisce about a time in my life I will never forget!

Ira Losco - Singer and Malta's finest artist

My dearest friend Alex,

Fist of all I wish to thank you for the wonderful 80's parties that you organise, as with these parties I met a lot of friends from the past and with the environment that you create in these parties I feel that I am back in the 80's and I have my energy back to dance all night to your great music. Also when you started organising the parties at Gianpula you gave us the option to enjoy either your music or Tonio (Mozzer) and Jackie's Alternative mixes. As you know well, I moved to England and I tried to go to 80's clubs and 80's parties, but no parties compares to the crowd and the kind of music you play. I will NEVER forget the role that I was honoured with when my idol Marc Almond was in Malta. That was a dream come true(Thanks to you) to take him around and be assisting him for the 3 days he was in Malta.

I also wish to mention the great REFLEX radio shows that although I am away still can enjoy by internet. I know it's hard for you to please everyone, but I'm sure you are doing a great job as people that still have young kids and cannot come to the parties can enjoy your radio shows. The music and the information each and every song you give us every weekend is awesome.

To conclude this e-mail, I would like to THANK YOU once again, also for the friendship we have for these past decades.

God bless you and keep up the good work.


Marc Abela ( Former member of maltese group X-Tend)

I'm a huge fan of early 80s new-wave music, particularly the synth pop and electronic stuff of 1980 to 1984. Even though I was too young to actually live the 80s nightclub scene, I absorbed my older brothers' record collection and I find that the huge variety of melodic music from the time inspires me - no wonder that today's artists and producers freely plunder samples and sounds from that era! Nowadays, thanks to Alex's Reflex huge parties at Gianpula, together with the Alternative room in Molecule, I can enjoy dancing and singing to all the songs I couldn't go clubbing to in my childhood in an atmosphere of good natured, fun people with great imagination and interesting stories to tell. Keep it up Alex!

Colin Fitz - DJ and Actor

I've had the pleasure of filming & editing the video for 'Reflex 80's Parties' for over the last 2 years. The regular full house and colourful atmosphere led by Dj Alex Grech somehow makes my job so much easier!

Bryan Azzopardy ... film maker....

We were two of the lucky ones who attended the first REFLEX Party..back in 2004... It was 18 th March..held at REFLECTIONS club in SUNCREST hotel, Qawra...It was the first time Jason and I met Alex...In all there where about 150 people .. I can never forget that party.. We can say we where the true fans of Reflex cause Alex gave it a try and we encouraged him....The Parties grew bigger after that and Alex reached new heights....his 80's Parties are now held in gianpula where at times the venue feels small.. Thank you Alex for all the emotions you give all of us through all of the parties you organise.

Tania and Jason Micallef (Mtarfa)

Alex, you are great and you always make me feel goog and funky at your Reflex Parties because of the wonderful atmosphere and good music. It makes me feel good as if I am 20 years old...ha ha.

Doris Axiaq (Mosta)

I am a great 80's music fan. The best program to listen to 80's is Alex's Reflex....but to best experience the 80s music is to attend the Reflex parties. I have been attending regularly since August 2006 and intend to continue!!!

Timothy Farrugia (Michael Jackson fan)

Well Im trying to be short fact there are no words to describe your parties !!! its something that really really well organized for sure you know there were times that we didnt miss one ...its not only the party and the friends we meet ,its the atmosphere that is really really know those rubic cubes ..the cassettes and YOU that bring out the crazyness in each one of us ...well alex I dont want to take long but as for your radio programmes its my dream and my honour that someday I present a programme with you :) you re a great presenter and I really love your programme and yes I admit I really learn from you too :) so keep up the good work and gd luck on whatever you do in life

keep it 80ssssssssssssssssss :)

Charmy :) Calypso Radio Presenter


Forever Young....
One of the greatest ways back in the 80’s describes exactly the feeling that you get whenever attending an 80’s party organised by Reflex Promotions. There’s something special that carries you away back to your youthful years from the very moment that you step in the venue. There’s something catchy about those 80’s tunes that you don’t find for sure in most of today’s music, it was different in those days as you could easily associate yourself with most of the different types of music because of that certain vibe that only the 80’s could give you. Now thanks to reflex promotions and Alex Grech we are witnessing that same feeling over and over again, and being able also to forget all those back and joint aches that come naturally with age and for those few hours travel back to those wonderful years that were the 80’s simply great. And to keep our memories fresh with all that was happening during that decade we have the added bonus of the radio show regularly every Saturday morning excellently hosted by Mr 80’s himself DJ Alex Grech. What would be a Saturday morning without Reflex, the show that has been keeping us during these years looking forward for the next Saturday to hear what Alex would have prepared for the 80’s fans . So keep those hits rolling because they keep us as the heading says FOREVER YOUNG. Thanks Reflex/Alex

Charles Zahra - Mosta


My friend and I never miss the saturday morning Reflex radio program. We also regularly attend the Reflex Parties whatever the weather and rough sea.. we leave from Gozo early evening and return home early's a big effort but it's worthed as the Reflex Party atmosphere is has to be there to understand. In Malta, these parties are huge....we dont have parties like these in Gozo. Great music ....Great Dj Alex Grech No 1 .

Josanne and Stef (Gozo)

I have known Alex for many years - I consider him a friend in a business which can sometimes be a bit cut throat. And although we don't always agree on how far boundaries can be pushed and presentation style (not to mention footall teams - I support Everton) - I think there is a mutual respect. Alex's events are always tops. He accepts little else and he knows his crowd deserves the best too. Oh, and I really enjoy them as well (especially as he lets me in for free!!)

Steve Hili
Presenter Big Breakfast XFM, former presenter on Capital Radio and SBS (Australia), and actor.

I still remember the first REFLEX party at the Reflections music Club (18 March 2004). I wanted to know what the advertise on Capital Radio was and so I asked a friend to translate it in order to understand what was the meaning. I thought it was really good because of the music used to advertise the event. And for 3 years on end I have missed only a few. Now whenever possible I come from Rome to dance. Am I crazy? Maybe, but the atmosphere at the REFLEX party is unique!!!

DJ Alberto Palmieri (Rome)
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